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Bachelor Party Drinking Games

Bachelor Party Drinking Games

For any good bachelor party you need a few basic ingredient;

  • Some willing friends/victims
  • Some crazy games
  • Plenty of beer

Get the right mix of all three and you’re on your to making sure condemned man groom’s last days of freedom are truly legendary.

But don’t go down the same tired old routine with uninspiring bachelor party drinking games. Dare to be different. With a bit of extra planning and armed with some great games and a few props you can create a bachelor night of epic proportions. So grab your passports, drinking glasses and some flame proof underwear and prepare to party.

To help kick start your night we’ve created a complete list of free bachelor party drinking games. Simply click on the button and you can instantly download the complete list of games, no fees, no hard sell and no hassle.

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Example Bachelor Party Drinking Games

The Deer Hunter

You'll need; Some cans of beer, two blindfolds.

Blindfold two contestants and sit them across a table from each other. Take a six-pack of beer and place them on the table near the contestants. Take one can and shake it up and place back among the other cans.

Remove the players' blindfolds, and ask the first player to choose a can which he passes to his opponent who must then hold that can over their head, before opening it. If he doesn’t get a beer shampoo he can then select a can for player one. Whoever gets wet, loses.

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To start the game, someone has to say a random word i.e. pencil.

The next player has to say a related word i.e. paper. This continues round all the players until someone messes up and says an unrelated word or hesitates. When a player messes up, they have to down their drink.

Sir Spin-a-lot

This is a simple drinking challenge. The player takes a coin, something large like a silver dollar is perfect and holds it ready on a flat surface next to a pint glass of beer. He then spins the coin, once it is in motion he has the time it takes the coin to come to rest to drink his pint.

Kentucky Derby

You’ll need; A deck of cards and a girlie cocktail

Have the barman make up a suitably rancid drink and place it at one end of a table. Now remove the four aces from the deck and lay them side by side on what is now your starting line. These are the horses.

Now take all the picture cards and place them in two parallel either side of and leading away from the horses, these are now the rails of your racetrack. You now need four jockeys from amongst the group, each jockey has to choose a horse to "ride".

The race commentator now takes the remaining playing cards and calls the race to order, he now lays the first card on the table commentating as he goes. If the first card is a club then the ace of clubs moves up one place along the track.

The commentator will keep up the excitement calling the race as the horses are cheered on by their jockeys. The jockey whose horse crosses the line last has to drink whatever potion is waiting at the finish line.

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