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Dare to be different...

So many bachelor parties fall back on the same old tired drinking games and let's be honest guys, sometimes it can get a bit tedious. There's only so many games of beer pong a man can play before he feels the need for something different after the best man once again producers a set of plastic cups and smiles at everyone as if he's just reinvented the wheel. Don’t be that guy.

This is a big occasion and requires something with a little more style, a little more creativity and a hell of a lot more danger! Dare to be different and to get your party started we’ve created a database of free bachelor party games.

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Yours should be the bachelor party. The bachelor weekend to end all bachelor weekends. Something that will go down in legend and be retold in bars for years to come.

All you need is a deck of cards, a decision coin, a pair of knickers and a bag of plastic toy soldiers to set up bachelor party games that will make you not just the toast of all the guys by leading the greatest bachelor party ever but also passers by and innocent bystanders will wish there were a part of (or will be running for cover from).

The best bachelor parties are made not just by those who set out at the beginning but by those you pick up along the way!

Seriously, it’s free, there no hidden catch, no tricks and no need to enter any bank details. Just click on the download and get your party started.

It’s normal that the party will be made up of guys from different areas of the groom’s life; old school/college friends, work colleagues, family, sports team, etc and it’s more than likely not everyone will have met before. So many of our games have been designed as ice-breakers to help the guys to get to know each other and create a tight drinking fraternity.

More importantly a lot of these games have been created to include other people, in particular targeting girls and bringing them in to join the madness.

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