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ID Tags

Before the bachelor party get all the guys to send you the following information;

Name (Nickname)

Position (use your imaginations here)

Favourite drink

Grooms... (cousin, brother, boss, Best Man, etc. This is a way for the group to all work out who's who and a good ice breaker)

Biggest Ambition

You can change the various categories to suit your group. You can then print the info on to small cards to be laminated and won on lanyards ID cards. ID cards can also make some great bachelor games.

Decision Coin

You'll need an old, heavy coin that all the guys can see (something the size of a silver dollar). For the duration of the bachelor every decision should be decided by the law of the coin. Another drink?
Another club? Lap dance or a round of shots? The coin will decide and all must obey the power of the "Decision Coin".

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Bachelor Party T-Shirts

Create an "All for one..." team spirit among the guys with some bachelor party T-shirts. They're easy and cheap to get made but can create some big laughs.

You can have each of the bachelors nicknames printed on their shirts (see above), or use one of the other pieces of ID card info to give each of the guys a stag nickname (sports team, favourite drink, etc).

What's more the single guys among you will be pleased just how many girls will strike up a conversation about what's on your T-shirt.

Don't believe us? Give it a try.

Alternatively if you have a suitably bad photo of the groom (his numerous bad hair cuts, childhood photos), baseball caps, shirts and grip bags can all make great mementos of the groom's big weekend.

The Bachelor Party List T-shirt

This should be worn by the groom. Have a marker pen with you to mark off the list as the group or groom achieves each task.


Kiss a stranger


Bag a trophy

Meet Jack Daniels

Get a free drink

Do Tequila shots

You get the idea!

Kidnap The Groom

If you want to punk the groom and catch him when his guards down kidnap him. Be sure to make it authentic and leave the bride-to-be a ransom note telling her where to pick him up and what the price of his safe return will be. However, if you’re snatching him outside his place of work or somewhere public make sure no good Samaritans or innocent bystanders call the cops. A group of guys all hanging around wearing ski masks is likely to make people a little nervy so plan carefully and try not to damage the groom or face the wrath of bridezilla.
You have been warned.

Dress The Groom

It is an age old tradition to make sure the groom is well and truly roasted during his last days of freedom. A great way to start as you mean to go on is as soon as you arrive at your bachelor party destination give the groom is attire for the weekend. It could be a onesie, fancy dress, or maybe a nice dress. Think outside the box and take all necessary steps to ensure the groom stands out from the crowd.