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"Sorry if I’m adding another speech that you all have to sit through. On the plus side it does postpone how long it is until we all have to witness my dad on the dancefloor!"

Although it might not be considered traditional for bride’s to give a speech at the wedding it is becoming increasingly common. Well why not, it is her big day after all so why should the men have it all their own way?

A Little Helping Hand

The bride-to-be is often the most heavily involved in the wedding planning and so finding time to write a speech is naturally not as high up on the list of priorities. Having received a number of emails from brides asking for help with their speech we put our professional writing team on the case to create a database of great wedding speech jokes, quotes and elements to help build a memorable wedding speech.

Easy To Use

As with our speech building systems for grooms, best men and the father of the bride the Bride's Speech Builder System is easy to use, comes with a complete guide to writing the speech. It couldn't be easier to use.

The speech builder is split into sections from great opening lines, ways to give thanks to the guests all the way through to fantastic ways to sign off the speech. The speech can be edited at any time to include her own words and add dates and names for key parts of the speech. Once complete the speech can be saved and then printed out in time for the big day.

The Lighter Side

The database contains hundreds of great jokes to point some fun at all the various members of the wedding party including the father of the bride and the best man (it’s only right the bride should poke a little fun at that pair before they start on her new husband). Our writing team have written for stand-up comedians, stage, radio and TV so the bride can be confident her speech will be given a lift with a little help from professionals.

Because it's not always easy finding time for so many pre-wedding tasks brides can choose a range of options giving her the time to work on her speech at her own pace. Simply log-in, work on your speech at will, you can then save the speech to come back and keep working or edit it at a later date or print the completed speech out ready for the wedding day.

Over 4,000 wedding speech jokes, quotes and toasts.

Compiled and written by professional comedy writers.

Easy to use, step by step system and free speech writing guide.

Work on your wedding speech at your own pace.

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