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Dad Knows Best...

Father Knows Best...

Being the elder statesman of the wedding party isn’t easy. You mustn't trip up as you walk the bride down the aisle, try not to tread on delicate white shoes during the father/daughter dance, deliver that speech. In fact there are a number of important factors to take into consideration, so here’s a quick look at some of the most important parts of the father of the bride's role.

Dad Dancing Dad Dancing

Dad dancing, it's so much a form of rhythmic movement, more of an affliction when you're required to move your limbs with as little coordination as possible. Like delivering a brilliant speech, dad dancing isn't just your right it is your moral duty!

Dad Jokes Dad Jokes

Your kids already cringe as soon as they see that glimmer in your eyes. A wedding is a great time to hit them with both barrels and really let rip with some terrible jokes. And lots of 'em.

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Dad Socks Dad Socks

If you are an older gentleman who prefers ridiculously loud socks a wedding is the perfect occasion to wear something spectacularly awful to counterbalance the suit. And they'll look particularly great while dad dancing.

Fatherly Advice Fatherly Advice

As the elder statesman it's expected of you to deliver some pearls of wisdom during your speech. If you can make them funny so much the better. We have some great funny advice in our Wedding Speech System.

Memory Loss Memory Loss

While your memory might forget the odd thing every now and again (like taking out the trash, remembering anniversaries but not important things like who won the 82 World Series) whatever you do, don't forget to mention the bride's mother during your speech. It's a fast track to a night on the couch.

Old Skool Old Skool

That's what the kids of today call "old timers" so show them how to really party Dig out those CD's your kids love to hate and make sure the DJ plays a few "classic" tracks during the reception. You can then sit back with a smug expression as the dancefloor fills up as you serve your kids a big helping of “I told you so”.

Decorating Decorating

Have a bag of shaving foam, streamers, toothpaste and anything that comes to mind ready to decorate the newly-weds car in case the groomsmen and bridesmaids forget. Then grab the younger members of the wedding party to help you give the car a full wedding makeover before the happy couple depart.

If you've got any fatherly advice or tips you think other father’s should know then please send them into us so we can pass them on.
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