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You asked one little question and then everything went a crazy! Your beautiful, calm and previously rational girlfriend is on the verge of becoming "Bridezilla". Your closest friends are now cracking jokes at your expense and about as much use as a screen door on a submarine. And on top of all that you have to write a groom’s wedding speech.

Congratulations!!! You're getting married.

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While we can't attempt to solve all your pre-wedding worries we can at least help you write and deliver an epic groom's speech.

Our unique groom’s speech builder database contains over 4,000 wedding speech ice breakers, quotes and jokes, plus a complete guide to writing your groom’s speech.

With so much pre-wedding madness going on, finding the time (and a quiet space) to write your speech probably isn't easy. That's why we created a complete speech writing system to help give grooms everything they need to write a great speech.

Most importantly we'll help you get in a few shots to draw first blood from your Best Man before he starts on a complete character assassination on you in front of all your closest friends and family.

The step by step guide will also outline the traditional format of your speech so that you can welcome all your guests, thank everyone who has contribute to the day, plus give you some incredible quotes for your bride. There won’t be a dry eye in the hous.


For just $10.00 you'll get 7 days access to the complete system, thousands of great wedding speech jokes and a step by step guide to writing your wedding speech.


The system has been created with the help of our team of British comedy writers who have written for stand-up comedians, TV, radio, and stage. That means you’ll have a team of professional writers to outwit your best man before he begins.

When you buy access to Speech Builder you get complete access to our database of over 4000 ice breakers, jokes, quotes and comedic hand grenades to throw at the groom to make sure your speech is a total success.

Shooting down your best man...

At any wedding the highlight of the reception is often hearing the best man let rip on his (son to be 'ex) best friend with a great comedy roast. A torrent of well-aimed jokes are fired at will and all the groom can do is smile, mutter under his breath and start to plan his revenge as his best man lets fly with both barrels at point blank range.

With the help of our team you can not only plead a case for the defence before he kicks off but fight fire with fire at launch a pre-emptive strike on the best man before he knows what's hit him. We'll make sure you'll get plenty of laughs at his expense to make sure it isn't a completely one sided fight.

Bigger and better

While your best man will be left scratching his head trying to put his speech together and trawling through his internal archive of sins and comedy material the two of you have committed together in the past or a few feeble put downs, you'll be able throw some real comedy hand grenades his way. Our writing team have written jokes for professional comedians, TV and radio so you’ll have the best team in your corner. The speech builder system contains over 4,000 speech blocks with gags, put downs, wedding quotes, romantic quotes, icebreakers and great best man shaped ammunition.

Over 4,000 wedding speech jokes, quotes and toasts.

Compiled and written by professional comedy writers.

Easy to use, step by step system and free speech writing guide.

Work on your wedding speech at your own pace.

How does the Groom’s Speech system work?

The system breaks down your speech into the basic phases, from your opening words welcoming the guests, thanking the members of the wedding party that have contributed to the day, special words for your new bride and her family, introducing your best man and everything in between.

Each phase in a complete step by step framework, with the hundreds of jokes, quotes, etc set in blocks. You simply have to click on the blocks you wish to use and they will be instantly inserted into your personal speech template. You can add as many blocks as you wish and edit the speech as you go, adding your own words and stories or editing the speech blaocks. Once you’re completely happy with the finished speech you can save it for one final edit or print it out ready for your big day.

Our team will be on hand every step of the way, you can ask questions at any point and receive a personal reply from our speech writers to ensure you’re 100% happy with your finished groom’s speech.